Powerpoint and Keynote Presentation Design

Death by Powerpoint. We’ve all sat through it. A speaker with (seemingly endless) slides after slides of text, monotonously reading along with confusing graphics and busy layouts. Eyes quickly start to glaze over and it kills the audiences’ interest in minutes. But is doesn’t have to be like this!

Presentations are key to impressing your audience but often businesses don’t have the time or expertise to design strong PowerPoint or Keynote presentations themselves.

I can help! Whether it’s enhancing your current slides, designing a brand new presentation from scratch or creating a workable, editable template – I can produce correctly branded, professionally designed presentations with subtle but effective animations that will really get you noticed and take your presentations to the next level.

Presentations of this nature often contain sensitive business information or have required me to work ‘white label’ so (due to client confidentiality) are not suitable to display on my website. I do have generic examples that I can email which show my designs and animations so please feel free to contact me to discuss your project and requirements.